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The Discovery of Saunders - Vixen
Bach, Richard Pan Books 2000, počet strán 101

Obal: soft, Stav: 5 / 5, although our dreams may lie beyond the limits of time, space, and belief, they are never beyond reach. Richard Bach, the writer who flew to success on the wings of Jonathan Livingston Seagull, once again returns to flight for metaphysical inspiration. Bach begins this journey with a quandary - - how to customize his airplane, a small Piper Cub? For example, how can he keep his latch door fr_om slamming shut in midflight? How to stop his oil cap fr_om jiggling loose and disappearing? With each question the solutions appear; they are apparently delivered by a vision of a benevolent woman. Before long, Bach realizes that an aircraft designer fr_om an earlier time and another dimension is tutoring him. Of course, Bach takes the ultimate flight into her parallel universe whe_re he finds an old - fashioned aviation company that solves problems for troubled aviators.
Dátum pridania: 15.02.2018

Cena: 3,90 EUR   (Dobierka: 2,6 EUR)
Osobný odber: Bratislava
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The Bridge Across Forever
Bach, Richard Dell 1986, počet strán 396

Obal: soft, Stav: 4 / 5, Bestselling author Richard Bach explores the meaning of fate and soul mates in this modern - day fairytale based on his real - life relationship with actor Leslie Parrish. "This is a story about a knight who was dying, and the princess who saved his life, " Bach writes in his opening greeting. "It's a story about beauty and beasts and spells and fortresses, about death - powers that seem and life - powers that are. " Yes, it is all that, and more. On the earthly plane this is about the riveting love affair between two fully human people who are willing to explore time travel and other dimensions together even as they grapple with the earthly struggles of intimacy, commitment, smothering, and whose turn it is to cook. Their love affair and happy ending inspired many enthusiastic fans. Years later, some of these fans were devastated to discover that this match made in heaven didn't manage to stick (the couple are no longer together) . But in an interview, Bach explained that lovers don't have to stay married forever to be lifetime soul mates. Read this as a lesson about love's enchantments and possibilities, but don't count on this book to keep you and your mate on the bridge across forever.
Dátum pridania: 19.05.2015

Cena: 3,90 EUR   (Dobierka: 2,6 EUR)
Osobný odber: Bratislava
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