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The Bottoms
Lansdale, Joe R. Vintage 2010, počet strán 328

Obal: soft, Stav: 5 / 5, a traveling serial killer. fr_om his privileged position as the son of constable (and farmer and part - time barber) Jacob Collins, Harry watches as the distinctly amateur investigation unfolds. As more bodies - - not all of them "colored" - - surface, the mood of the local residents darkens. Racial tensions - - never far fr_om the surface, even in the best of times - - gradually kindle. When circumstantial evidence implicates an ancient, innocent black man named Mose, the Ku Klux Klan mobilizes, initiating a chilling, graphically described lynching that will occupy a permanent place in Harry Collins's memories. With Mose dead and the threat to local white women presumably put to rest, the residents of Marvel Creek resume their normal lives, only to find that the actual killer remains at large and continues to threaten the safety and stability of the town. Lansdale uses this protracted murder investigation to open up a window on an insular, poverty - stricken, racially divided community. With humor, precision, and great narrative economy, he evokes the society of Marvel Creek in all its alternating tawdriness and nobility, offering us a varied, absolutely convincing portrait of a world that has receded into history. At the same time, he offers us a richly detailed re - creation of the vibrant, dangerous physical landscapes that were part of that world and have since been buried under the concrete and cement of the industrialized juggernaut of the late 20th century. In Lansdale's hands, the gritty realities of Depression - era Texas are as authentic - - and memorable - - as anything in recent American fiction.
Dátum pridania: 05.07.2018

Cena: 4,90 EUR   (Dobierka: 2,6 EUR)
Osobný odber: Bratislava
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