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ZAFÓN Carlos Ruiz

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The Shadow of the Wind
Zafon, Carlos Ruiz Phoenix 2004, počet strán 506

Obal: soft, Stav: 4 / 5, this international sensation (it has sold in more than 20 countries and been number one on the Spanish best - seller list), newly translated into English, has books and storytelling - - and a single, physical book - - at its heart. In post - World War II Barcelona, young Daniel is taken by his bookseller father to the Cemetery of Forgotten Books, a massive sanctuary whe_re books are guarded fr_om oblivion. Told to choose one book to protect, he selects The Shadow of the Wind, by Julian Carax. He reads it, loves it, and soon learns it is both very valuable and very much in danger because someone is determinedly burning every copy of every book written by the obscure Carax. To call this book - - Zafon's Shadow of the Wind - - old - fashioned is to mean it in the best way. It's big, chock - full of unusual characters, and strong in its sense of place. Daniel's initiation into the mysteries of adulthood is given the same weight as the mystery of the book - burner. And the setting - - Spain under Franco - - injects an air of sobriety into some plot elements that might otherwise seem soap operatic. Part detective story, part boy's adventure, part romance, fantasy, and gothic horror, the intricate plot is urged on by extravagant foreshadowing and nail - nibbling tension. This is rich, lavish storytelling, very much in the tradition of Ross King's Ex Libris (2001) .
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Cena: 3,90 EUR   (Dobierka: 2,6 EUR)
Osobný odber: Bratislava
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