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The Good News fr_om the Front Lines of Memory Research

Halpern, Sue

NázevThe Good News fr_om the Front Lines of Memory Research
AutorHalpern, Sue
NakladatelHarmony Books

Druh položkyKniha
Rok vydania2008
Počet strán246
PoznámkaObal: soft, Stav: 5 / 5, An essential behind - the - scenes foray into the world of cutting - edge memory research that unveils ? ndings about memory loss only now available to general readers. When Sue Halpern decided to emulate the ? rst modern scientist of memory, Hermann Ebbinghaus, who experimented on himself, she had no idea that after a day of radioactive testing, her brain would become so “hot” that leaving through the front door of the lab would trigger the alarm. This was not the ? rst time while researching Can’t Remember What I Forgot, part of which appeared in The New Yorker, that Halpern had her head examined, nor would it be the last. Halpern spent years in the company of the neuroscientists, pharmacologists, psychologists, nutritionists, and inventors who are hunting for the genes and molecules, the drugs and foods, the machines, the prosthetics, the behaviors and therapies that will stave off Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia and keep our minds–and memories–intact. Like many of us who have had a relative or friend succumb to memory loss, who are getting older, who are hearing statistics about our own chances of falling victim to dementia, who worry that each lapse of memory portends disease, Halpern wanted to ? nd out what the experts really knew, what the bench scientists were working on, how close science is to a cure, to treatment, to accurate early diagnosis, and, of course, whether the crossword puzzles, sudokus, and ballroom dancing we’ve been told to take up can really keep us lucid or if they’re just something to do before the inevitable overtakes us. Beautifully written, sharply observed, and deeply informed, Can’t Remember What I Forgot is a book full of vital information–and a solid dose of hope.
Cena5.4 EUR

Dobierka2,8 EUR
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The Good News fr_om the Front Lines of Memory Research


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