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Babel Tower

Byatt, A. S.

NázevBabel Tower
AutorByatt, A. S.

Druh položkyKniha
Rok vydania1997
Počet strán618
PoznámkaObal: soft, Stav: 4 / 5, One does not usually associate Byatt, who has often worked on a small - even miniature - scale, with the notion of an epic novel; but that, in terms of scope and ambition, is just what she has created here. It is an invigorating spectacle, as well as a welcome reminder of how a fine novelist can illuminate a whole era in ways not even the most skilled social historian can. Set in England in the mid - 1960s, the novel focuses on Frederica, an attractive, highly intelligent and bookish young woman who cut a swath at Cambridge University, then married Nigel Reiver, a well - to - do member of the landed gentry with a country house, two doting sisters and a way of life that soon seems utterly stifling to Frederica. Her small son, Leo, passionately loved by both parents, is soon the only vital element in her existence; and when friends fr_om her former life come calling, and are rudely rebuffed by Nigel, Frederica rebels. When Nigel, ever apologetic, but convinced it is for her own good, starts knocking her about, Frederica flees to London, with Leo clinging to her in desperation. Thereafter, the book is an account of the drawn - out custody battle over Leo, climaxing in a divorce hearing that exquisitely renders the issues of a woman's independence. More impressively, it is a riveting account of changing mores, as England begins to emerge fr_om its ancient certainties into the shifting priorities, freedoms and follies of the "Swinging Sixties. " Among the manifestations of such changes is a book written by an eccentric, Nietzschean acquaintance of Frederica's - a fantasy, with sado - erotic overtones, about the pleasures and limits of freedom. This book (a reprise of the book - within - a - book device Byatt employed in Possession) becomes the focus of another court case when its author is prosecuted for obscenity. Through the two cases (which leap fr_om the page much more enthrallingly, convincingly and thought - provokingly than most legal thrillers) Byatt represents a whole society trying to come to terms with new values.
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Dobierka2,8 EUR
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Dátum pridania26.9.2015   Overiť dostupnosť

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Babel Tower


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